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membership applications are voted on by the Trustees on the 2nd Sunday of each month

Use the 2023
Gate Combination

Gate combinations were changed on Sunday, April 2nd

Spin the numbers once you open the gate!
Do NOT leave the combination dialed in!!!

Members only page
 Please read the update on shooting into the ground on the 50 yard bays!
Username is range. Use the current gate combination for the password.


Wing Fest

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Clay Sports
(Trap, Skeet & 5-Stand)

Field Trials
Bird Dog Challenge
Chukar Classic

37th Annual Youth Weekend
July 28-30, 2023

Work Party - Sunday, October 1, 2023


Golf Cart Rules


Range Safety Class - 2nd Sunday @ Noon 

Pistol Matches (USPSA & Steel)

22 Rimfire/Air Rifle Matches

Club Apparel

For Sale (updated 12/9/2022)

Concealed Handgun License Class

Target Stands - how to use

Sight-in Day & Turkey/Slug Shoot

Battle for the North Coast

Range Closure Schedule

All Pistol Bays are closed from Monday, August 14 through Sunday, August 20

The 100 yard range and both 50 yard bays will be closed from Thbursday, August 17 through Sunday, August 20.

All members will be able to use the 200/300 yard range all through week.

There will be a 100 yard backer board setup on the right side of the 200 yard range. Please!!! only use the right side bench to shoot at the 100 yard backer.
As always, be sure of your target and what is behind it. Always be sure that you have a berm to catch your bullet. A few trees will not do it. Remember, YOU are responsible for every round that you fire.

Hunting at Crooked Creek Conservation Club

​A message to our hunters
The club has invested a lot of time and money creating habitats and food plots for our wildlife to increase your hunting opportunities. This includes expensive machinery, seed, fertilizer and man hours. We need your help identifying what is working and what is not. The information we gather will be used to determine what practices to keep, increase, or eliminate. It's not our purpose to share who got what where or divulge anyone's honey hole or special spot. We simply want to know if our efforts are working.

It would help greatly to know what you see and bag. How many opportunities were presented with how much effort. How often are you seeing rabbits, deer, turkeys, pheasants, ducks, squirrels and other game? How many did you see and how many did you harvest? Have you seen any predators or signs of predation? The more information we can gather the better we can adjust our efforts to increase your opportunity for an enjoyable experience.

Remember, hunting club property is a member only privilege. Don't risk losing your privileges or membership by bringing along non-members.

Have a safe and enjoyable hunting experience.
Brett A. Sloan

All ranges are CLOSED for the first two days of Deer Gun Season (normally the Monday and Tuesday after Thanksgiving).
Here is a note from the club president about hunting on the club property:
Just a quick note to try to answer some questions about hunting on club land. The club currently owns approximately 413 acres. Members are permitted to hunt club property and are required to follow all state game laws, guidelines (including safety zones) and bag limits. At no time are nonmembers allowed to hunt on club property. Property lines are clearly marked and Ashtabula County GIS maps are available online. Portable tree stands are permitted as well as ground blinds. Stands and blinds left unattended must be tagged with the members name, address and membership number. Stands must be removed by April 1st or risk forfeiture. No nails or screws can be used in trees. Trimming of shooting lanes is permitted.
Hunting within the marked shooting preserve is permitted. Hen pheasants may not be harvested. Again, all state ​game ​regulations apply. Be a good neighbor and stay on club property. Don't hunt too close to our neighbors' dwellings. We are all stewards of the club. Be a good one and enjoy your experience.

Brett Sloan

About  Our Club

The club is located on the west side of State Route 534, 10 miles south of I-90 or 2 miles north of US Route 6, in Hartsgrove, OH in Ashtabula County.
The street address is: 4323 State Route 534, Hartsgrove, OH 44085-9540. For those of you with a GPS receiver, go to N41° 37.86' W80° 57.186' or check Google.

Activities available to the members: two rifle ranges (100 and 200/300 yards), two 50 yard ranges, six Pistol bays, trap and skeet ranges, 5-Stand, dog training/Field Trials, archery range, Practical Pistol, Steel, 3-Gun and CMP matches, picnic pavilion, camping, fishing, hunting, education and conservation.

The club mailing address is Crooked Creek Conservation Club, PO BOX 275, Perry, OH  44081-0275

Questions on the club can be sent to information_AT_crooked-creek_DOT_org

Tannerite is Banned on the Club Grounds

Please do not use this product on the club grounds as it is illegal to possess once it has been mixed.
Under Ohio Law, it is considered Dangerous Ordnance after mixing.
See Ohio Revised Code 2923.11

Still don't believe this stuff is dangerous?

 Any comments, additions or corrections can be sent to Bud Connolly crooked_D_O_T_creek_D_O_T_email_A_T_gmail_D_O_T_com or 440-259-3512.