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 Please read the update on shooting into the ground on the 50 yard bays!
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Wing Fest

June 10, 2023

Clay Sports
(Trap, Skeet & 5-Stand)

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37th Annual Youth Weekend
July 28-30, 2023

Work Party - Sunday, October 1, 2023


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Target Stands - how to use

Sight-in Day & Turkey/Slug Shoot

Target Stands

There are four (4) new and 4 old Target Stands for the Pistol Bays.

Please return the stands to the covered area of the pistol bay. Do not make the person cutting the grass have to get off of the tractor to move the stands. Also, someone is shooting at steel over the stands and tearing them up and leaving jacket fragments in the stands. This can cut someone when moving the stands. And lastly, there is no reason to shoot the stands!!!

Here is how to setup the target stands:

New Target Stands

You can staple your targets to the cardboard. So bring a staple gun with staples. You can also bring cardboard and 1 x 2" sticks, because you never know when the last guy to use them couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, but he could hit the sticks every time!

Here is how to place the target stands on the range

Proper use of target stands

Notice how the bullet will pass through the cardboard and then impact on the back berm.

Not on the ground or over the berm!

We will NO longer tolerate members placing cardboard boxes or other targets on the ground. This has created many ruts and furrows in the ground and this is dangerous to those using the bays. It is very easy to turn an ankle when walking over these ruts.

Target Stands being used properly.

Don't forget, return the target stands to the area under cover when you are finished using them.

 Any comments, additions or corrections can be sent to Bud Connolly crooked_D_O_T_creek_D_O_T_email_A_T_gmail_D_O_T_com or 440-259-3512.